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Joe is currently thinking of something new to write about himself. Until he does, I can tell you he's a very nice man - I have to say this because he's just married my cousin! Joe has had a successful career in sales and was recently voted hairiest man in Bradford*
Hopefully this will prompt Joe into updating his profile!
* not strictly true!

My first ever drink was as a young teenager - sharing a bottle of cider with friends. Not much has changed since then - I still love to share a drink with friends - albeit not cheap cider anymore!
I've spent the last 12 years working in the licensed trade, running bars and managing brands. It is here that my passion for wine grew whilst my passion for being on the payroll declined! With over 6 years experience of buying and choosing successful wine lists for pubs and bars, I have an extensive knowledge of the marketplace


T 01132 566 096       E info@informalwine.co.uk       TIWC, 19 Harker Terrace, Leeds LS28 6BL